Its Time to cherish School Memories

We grow,move to college,then to offices and finally settle down to marriage but we never forget the moments we had spent in our school.

Normally as a kid we hate school,getting up early,exam days,homework and we get all sort of ailments and aches to avoid it.Once we leave it,we start missing  and feel pride about each and every element of our school life.

It has been more than 10 years since I left the safe confines of my school to enter this competitive world to prove my so called worth .Life was so easy then,we had family friends,teachers push us into comfort zone,things have changed now.

I wish I could go back to School as I miss it a lot.

Today’s post is about all those lovely moments you could relate to your school days.

Parent’s Teacher Meeting:

The day can be termed as ‘Dooms day’ when parents and the teachers meets to discuss you.

You expressions when teacher showing exam sheet to your mom.


This is how your mom looked at you after checking your answer sheets.


Morning Assemblies :

Coming up with excuses and bunking the morning assembly to escape the uniform checking and scorching heat.After all, the accomplishment of bunking the 30 minutes morning assembly under the sun, to relax under the fan inside the classroom, gave such a big high!

2_144.jpg itok=1.jpg

Making sure your morning pledge was “conditional”. Ahem….!!!
” … All Indians are my brothers and sisters except….. and …… …..” wink emoticon
Most of us used to even skip this linetongue emoticon

That Wow!! moment when you get the chance to stand besides your crush in morning assembly.


Forgetting to wear the white canvas shoes on Saturdays and getting punishment from the “PT” teacher.schoolshoes

And how many times did you rub white chalk on the dirty shoes to make them ‘whiter’?

Slam Books:

Most of you must have still treasured your friends profile.

Slam books were best to describe one’s own self when Facebook didn’t existed.

Artist in you :

SUPW classes for most of us meant to be Some Useful Periods Wasted tongue emoticon
Masterpieces created in SUPW classes with our rich collection of colors:

We all considered ourselves a great painter.

Fancy Dress competition were cool to be part of :


During exams,you wrote down difficult Maths and Science formulas for Cheating.


Tuition Classes:

Heading to tuition and coaching classes after school meant some more time with friends. And if there were kids from your own school in the same coaching center, you had the time of your life!


Sports Period:

Most Awaited Period in the week was the Sports Period.

Cricket,basketball,volleyball,badminton,Kho-Kho was so much fun.


I still remember the lyrics we used to sing while playing,I sent a letter to my mother on the way i dropped it….Someone came and picked it up And put it in his pocket!

That one hour was the best part of your day.

Birthday Celebrations in school:

Celebrating birthdays are never the same once you’re are out of school.

The entire class singing ‘Happy Birthday To you’,distributing toffees and then distributing  chocolates to all the teachers in entire school was undoubtedly the memory we want to relive.

Some close friends gifting birthday cards make u feel a star.


Bell -Our Savior from Boring Periods

How many of you tried ringing it with your hands?


Recess/Break time:

After hours of back to back classes ,much needed was the recess to freshen up the minds and fill our empty stomach.

We had similar reactions when one of the friend had Maggi or sandwich in his lunch box.

Recess used to be much more fun than the whole Twenty-Twenty for boys.Some of them just drove to the playground to play their favorite games.


Some VIP’s who used to come without homework, had their best time copying notes.

Possessiveness  for Uniform:

Styling uniform and getting punishment for it was every other day’s job.Hating the school uniform and later fighting with friends from other school that our uniform is better than theirs.


School Trips:

The memory of trips with your school friends to wonderland/Fun Parks or science city were the best thing at that time.


Celebrations :

Excitement at peaks of finally performing the dance you’d practiced for months.


Participating in annual functions was the best way to skip classes officially.How could one miss that?

For conventees ,Christmas was their love!!

Christmas celebration were gala,with decorations,cake and Santa arriving on the lyrics of Jingle bells Jingle bless ,Jingle all the way

In-acting the story of birth of Jesus was kind of every years curriculum. .How cute we looked dressed like shepherds,angles,kings,Mary ?

Class Photographs:

The day we cannot afford to miss school.Eagerly wait for the day when we had class photo.



Punishments is the synonym of school life.The punishments were funner than attending class.Off course being late to school turns a day to start with a punishment.Some of your friends making noise and then entire class gets suffered .cane-corporal-punishment


Excuses to roam around:

Always an eye to grab the chance to take the notebooks to staff room when the teacher leaves the class.Then coming back covering extra miles with the longest possible way to reach the class .

Favorite time-pass after stepping out from the class is here ….which was actually heaven for us


First Crush:

Remember the days when teacher were your first crush? Perhaps your Geography or chemistry teacher?


Cool Fantasy:

Rohfaza in water bottle was the coolest fantasy of childhood.


Reliving Memories:

Even today when we visit our school campus,  we relive the memories.Do You Miss the Corridor of Our School which Everyone Would Want Back
The Part Of Our Life When There Were No Worries,Tensions
Just A Worry Of Completing The Homework And The Excitement Of Playing In School Or After Reaching Home


Missing my school, St Joseph’s convent School,Ferozepur.





Awesome things Every Punjabi could Relate

“Torr Punjabiyan di”

The word actually defines Punjabi’s that others cannot actually compete with. Its all because of the truly cool Jazba which makes us an amazing people.Wherever we go ,we go with the feeling of Sada Punjab .You can take Punjabi out of the Punjab, but you cannot take Punjab out of Punjabi .

Punjabi’s are lovable people and if you know even one of them you could relate them to “Mitra di Shaan Wakhri”.


Let me relate you guys to the colorful Rangla Punjab.

 Punjabi Accent and Phrases:

The accent to non Punjabi speakers can sound funny and they would try to copy us over and over again.Mobile(Mobail),Nyoda(Noida),Kaneda(canada),Saaja passa(right side),Bult(bullet),Pulc/Mamme(Police),Mukk(finish),kaint(Awsome),Patola(beautiful girl) are commonly used words which creates unknown humour.

Even Punjabi’s do agree that the stuff said in Punjabi can actually add SWAAD(taste) to the conversation.Some of the common phrases you could hear from Punjabi’s around:

Moonh Changa na howe ta gal changi Karla is said to someone who is speaking something irrelevant.

Mamme khade tere chowk te is said when Police is seen standing on traffic lights.

Fukri Mari janda,Lapeti chalo is said to someone when someone is flaunting too much.

Kedi Maa da phone Aeya hai is said by Punjabi mother to her young boy ,who often gets a call from his girl friends.

Tera Tid(Stomach) kyu dukhda  is said to someone interferes in their matters.

Khottey de putra is quite often used by father scolding a son

Kidda is the shortest way to ask how are you?

Gedi Lovers :

An evening ride on bullet or open jeep checking out patole with loud music is the important activity of their daily routine.

Bult(bullet) actually is the first love of almost every Punjabi Munda. Every passing day,the bond gets stronger and infact they share intimate moments with their Royal Enfield.

Big fat Punjabi wedding :

All the best food with chicken Tadka, Full on daaru(alcohol), music D.J and relatives gather for at least a week.Big Fat Punjabi wedding is hell of an occasion.

Punjabi wedding is said to be incomplete without dhol or Punjabi beats Munda Apne wiah de wich Nachde Fire ,jadon tak nachengi tu vaari jaunga note tere jije da e dil dareya saliye,veera kodi da te bhabhi sadi dhai lakh di,Jitho marji wanga chadwala Mitra da na chalda…

If you have ever been invited to a Punjabi wedding, you’ll know that we are great hosts.

Patiala Peg with loud music:

Never say no to daaru.Big…Bigger …Biggest drinkers or can call as Tankers.Stomach is beer tank and drink like there is no tomorrow. Even they are out, would say AAAnnn De AAAnnnn de …..Nazara hi hun Aana shuru hoyea

Can party over silliest reason to have drinks with the beats of the music mittran di motor te kach di glassi khadke.

Kaneda in heart:

Every Punjabi has got at least one member or relative living in Canada.Awesome desire every Punjabi Munda has is to marry Kaneda di Kudi.


Punjabi Names Magic:

Among your group of friends ,punjabi boy and girl can have same name.It is actually very simple and easy for Punjabi parents to name their child.

They just add prefix or suffix to harman,aman,deep,meet,preet,jeet,gur,har,prabh,jot and just enjoy permutation combinations with gurmeet,gurpreet,gurjot gurharman and so on ….

Almost every family has got some common names sweety,pinky,twinkle,jyoti,happy

Coolest Attitude with high Energy Level:

Punjabi’s are well known for awesome sense of humor and definitely act as a cheer machine for the entire group.No matter how tired or bored you are, one punch from Punjabi buddy will complete your day.Even during the most difficult time ,we always wear a smile with a thought Rabh Rakha Mitra da.

Worrying about what others think is never a worry,just a thought for others with a smile :sanu ki apna hi khoon saad da pea …. And Surely if we don’t like someone we let that person know as we are loud and Muhh Phatt.

Big Time Foodie:

Punjabi’s greet and eat as if the way to heart is through stomach.Prefers to start our day with Allo paranthas with dahi,makhan,pudine di chutney and Lassi.Also fond of Amritsari Kulche.

None other can replace the love for Butter Chicken.With chicken love at extremes,some of us manage to have hotel managers as our best buddies.


When it is winters,we go gaga over Makki di Roti te Sarso da saag with Ghee.


Punjabi culture:

No matter where we go,we carry our Punjab along which is within us .Known best for creating fusion with culture and Fashion.

No body can dance the way Punjabi’s does.We know how to hold the crowd with steps of Bhangra and beats of Dhol.



We are indeed the best.Proud to be Punjabi!!

Sade naal rahoge ta Aish karoge!!

Tips to plan parents 25th Wedding Anniversary

Your parents wedding anniversary is a special day for them.The day when they cherish their beautiful memories and perfect excuse to gift something.

It is even more special when it 25th Anniversary,when they have come along way together through hard and easy time.You should make them feel loved by few surprises.

It is a wonderful occasion to celebrate and salute your parents’ love and commitment. Here are some tips for your parent’s 25th Marriage Anniversary.

Decide a Budget:

When emotions are involved,budget is not a priority.However, it is the important factor considering your wallet size to make party remembered and enjoyable.Budget should focus on party venue with identifying the size of attendants,gifts,menu,drinks etc.

Celebrations :

Plan an anniversary party inviting close friends and relatives and ask everyone to come with a picture of your parents. You can also plan a presentation going on in the background with their lifetime photographs.



Order a grand layered cake for your parents great grand occasion with their favorite choice flavor.Have an appropriate loving message for them on the cake.




Plan a Jaimala ceremony for your parents as a surprise.It will surely give a blushing moment to them.


If you have energetic cousins, uncles and aunts, then a musical performance can also be organized to walkthrough the couple’s journey .


Gift something that your parents will remember and treasure it for life time.

Photo Frames:

A beautiful young couple photograph of your parents framed will sooth the moment.Photo frames with pictures of the family are also thrilling for parents .

Video & Messages from loved ones:

You can prepare a video depicting journey of your parents in last 25 years.Right from how they met,got married and depicting some milestones of their life.Obviously it is not possible for everyone to come for the party and there are always some close friends and relatives whom your parents wanted to be part of their special day.

You can make then part of their special day by playing recorded messages from their loved ones on projector .This will be a pleasant surprise for them making a moment little emotional.

Check out this video that I prepared for my parents on their special day.


Gold rings



You may gift other things like gold rings that they can exchange and cherish the old time once again.

*This is what I call as Jugaad Tip turning into sweet thing* :You can gift the rings to your parents keeping your budget intact and avoiding parents getting suspicious about your surprise plan.Obviously they would have an idea that you might have planned something or the other,so make them part of their plan.Buy a beautiful ring for your mother as surprise along with your Dad.On the other side,buy a nice ring for your dad as a surprise with your Mom.

A photo book is one of the best gift with treasured memories for your parents.You can choose to display photos depicting their Journey of Life .You may also add your personal comments to the photos.Your parents will definitely love it and see it over and over again.


Photo-books are easily available for customization at Zoomin:

Photo mugs are also cute and will be most treasured by your parents.

Some other ideas can be gifting smart phones to make them connected socially to the loved ones through Facebook, whatsapp etc.Gifting car keys in a wrapped box will leave them awestruck and surprised.

Celebrate your parents big day and make them feel special  🙂 .